When Krista of Scent of the Day and I began plotting out this blogging project, I had no idea how challenging it would prove to be!

After Krista came up with the O Tannenbaum concept, I invited a bunch of fantastic bloggers who enthusiastically agreed to join in. That was the easy part.

The challenges began with the perfumes I chose to review. I had suspected I had anosmia to some woody notes. Two out of the three perfumes I chose confirmed my suspicion. Luckily, I was able to find suitable replacements in my own collection.

Then came work deadlines, Christmas shopping, illness…I wasn’t sure I’d be able to contribute anything to the project, but somehow, I got a few sentences together. Here’s hoping they make sense!

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Anat Fritz eau de parfum

With all the ridiculous notes and flashy packaging of today’s perfumes, Anat Fritz eau de parfum seems the essence of minimalism. A clear splash bottle, adorned only with a small label bearing the knitwear designer’s name, houses a composition of cedar, lavender and vetiver.

Anat Fritz edp is basic, but it’s by no means bare. The perfume opens with a medicinal cedar note, accompanied by hearty lavender and dry, grassy vetiver. The medicinal quality calms in a few minutes as does the lavender note, which becomes a touch fruity, like fresh blueberries.

When I wear Anat Fritz eau de parfum, I feel like I’m doing something good for myself.

Rochas Audace eau de parfum

A rich floral chypre. Evergreen notes of pine and juniper blended with rose, jasmine, jonquil and oakmoss. Old school elegance without a hint of cleaning solution. Bravo!

Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure

Frankincense tends to tickle my nose, but in Incense Pure the note seems smoother. Perhaps its rough edges have been softened by orris. Elemi, a resin from the Canarium luzonicum tree, enhances the incense and angelica with its pine-like scent. Amber and a touch of vanilla provide a light sweetness, playing counterpoint to a fantastic, ever so slightly sour sandalwood note. Warm and wonderful.

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who went above and beyond. Y’all give me the warm fuzzies. (If I haven’t stopped by your blog yet, you can count on me dropping by a.s.a.p).

Special thanks goes to Krista for creating this fun concept.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Anat Fritz photo: superparfum.ru Juniper photo: Calmers Solutions Ltd. Incense Pure: Sonoma Scent Studio