One evening last week, I wore 1000 Flowers Réglisse Noire. Delighted by its peppery anisic notes, I thrust my wrist under my husband’s nose, demanding he smell it. He responded with “Delicious!”, so I suggested he try it too. He agreed, adding that he also spritzed on some Cèdre the day before and had been using my new shower gel.

My Yves Rocher Cèdre bleu shower gel

I was thrilled by my husband’s new enthusiasm for fragrance, so when he headed to bed that night, I sprayed his pillow with Cèdre bleu cologne (this is a bedtime ritual usually performed with Roger and Gallet Green Tea).

 “What are you spraying?” he asked. “Cèdre Bleu. You said you wore it the other day”. I was puzzled. Did he not remember what it smelled like? “I didn’t wear that” he answered. “I wore Cèdre.”

He did wear Cèdre. Just not the Cèdre I assumed. He wore Serge Lutens Cèdre. My husband walked the dog and ran errands wafting slap-you-upside-the-head tuberose! “Well, it said cedar on the box!” he said defensively as I laughed my ass off.*

We’re just a couple of sweet smellin’ fools!

Shower gel photo: yves rocher  Cedre perfume photo: Luckyscent