In my neck of the woods, Summer was scorching hot.

There was no escape from the blinding sunlight. It yellowed the grass, shriveled my garden, added some new freckles to my face…

Near Summer’s end, all plant life in my yard looked thoroughly baked. I felt rather desiccated myself.


The heat nagged on despite constant tree-stirring breezes, their only purpose to rattle the dying leaves, not cool human skin. Notes of dried grasses, blackberries, and the last of the wild roses hung in the air, sustained by the humidity. Fat buzzing bees bounced about while the crickets chirped day and night.

That constant chirping told me Summer was fading out, for the crickets always play the last measure of its song.

Although For the Love of Bees doesn’t contain the dried grasses, blackberries, and wild roses that perfume my neighbourhood, it carries a similar tune. Perfumer Amanda Feeley combined notes of hay, black current and ylang ylang to create a wearable fragrance that sings on skin.

This is a perfume of contrasts. It is warm yet cooling. Herbal and floral. Dry and damp. It reminds me of a particularly wonderful summer in the early 90s during which I always took chamomile mint tea before bed. When I smelled the floral/herbal scent, felt the warming/cooling sensation of For the Love of Bees, memories of that Summer came flooding back.

It’s late October now and Autumn’s majestic brass ensemble is blaring. After the first snow has fallen, the drone of Winter will play on a never-ending loop.

As much as I prefer cold weather, come February I’ll be dying to hear late Summer’s warm song. When that time comes, a few drops of Esscentual Alchemy For the Love of Bees will be music to my ears, body and soul.


Perfumer’s Notes: 5 types of Vanilla Bean tincture, Hay, Genet aka Broom Flower, Black Current, Beeswax, Ylang ylang, Blue Chamomile, Honeysuckle, Carrot Seed

Grasses: Virtual Museum; Tea: Healthline; For the Love of Bees Perfume: Esscental Alchemy

*Sample provided by perfumer for review. Please see “Details” page for review information.