Last week, my husband and I were on vacation!

Thanks to beautiful weather and doggie daycare, we were free to do as we pleased so we gassed up and headed for the country.

We had a wonderful time, but I won’t bore you with our itinerary. Instead, I’ll share my inventory of “vacation smells”.

Pine forest – Tonic for my soul. Ahhhh……

Barn yard – Indolic, urinous, dirty. Heady, rich, gorgeous!

The dense cherry-vanilla sweetness of pipe tobacco – I never liked the smell until that very moment.

Skunk – Brings to mind happy memories of childhood camping trips.

Antique wood furniture, old quilts and books – Dry and dusty, damp and musty.

Dead mouse*

Of course, I did a little perfume spotting on our vacation. I picked up three mini perfumes at an antique shop: Balenciaga Le Dix, Salvador Dali “Salvador Dali” and Lapidus Creation, all parfum. Total price: $5.00!

Another shop had a small collection of perfume bottles for sale. Most were empty, but three had a few ml of syrupy liquid remaining: Guerlain Vega, Caron French CanCan and Renoir Chi Chi. There were no prices marked so perhaps “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” applies!

What did you smell this Summer?

*I noticed a funny smell in the truck. It occurred to me I might have stepped in something. On the bottom of my shoe I discovered a squashed baby mouse. I was horrified, to say the least.
My husband thinks the mouse died a few days before he became stuck to my sneaker. If I had crushed him (perish the thought!!) just a few hours before, there wouldn’t have been an awful pong in the truck.

*Photo 1 – Yours truly
*Store interior – Great Village Antiques