Rebel & Mercury perfumer Nikki Sherritt describes her natural perfume Cerise en Cocoa as her “take on the cherry cordial”.

I thought the “cherry cordial” was an old-fashioned beverage from days of yore, but the term also refers to those bulbous chocolates with cherries inside – the kind that ooze down your chin when you bite into them.

Cherry cordials always catch the eyes of greedy children because in a box of assorted chocolates, they are the biggest. My young self did not know that within that chocolate shell, a cherry was swimming in swampy syrup. One bite, and I was in a fit of repulsion.

Because of that experience, I was a little scared to test Cerise en Cocoa
but my fear was unfounded. It doesn’t smell anything like the narcotically sweet chocolate treat! Cerise en Cocoa is a soft, cheerful perfume that smells of dark chocolate, dried cherries and roses.

I usually avoid associating fragrances with celebrities, but when I smell Cerise en Cocoa, I can’t help but think of Régine Chassagne, singer and multi-instrumentalist of the band Arcade Fire.

When the sparkly Ms. Chassagne spins her ribbons*, it makes me smile and so does this fun and flirty perfume!

*Listen to a great tune and watch Regine spin her ribbons

The parfum opens on a fruity note, and the parfum oil with chocolate. Once settled in, the fragrances follow the same path to a rosy drydown that lasts much longer than expected for a natural perfume. I once applied it near bedtime, and could still smell rosy cocoa the next morning!

During my initial tests, I found myself wishing the scent had a little more “oomph”, but it’s the subtlety of natural essences that keep the perfume from becoming the sticky sweet I fear. There isn’t a hint of syrup or FD&C Red 40 food dye.

Nikki Sherritt sticks to her word. Cerise en Cocoa is a “take on the cherry cordial”; a wearable abstraction with familiar form. 

Notes: Ruby Red Grapefruit, Osmanthus, White and Red Rose accord, Cocoa, Vetiver

Photo: uncredited, found on the dreadful Hipster Runoff
Cherry On Top by artist Linda Dragonette