I first tried Bohem, perfumer Nikki Sherritt’s best-selling perfume oil, last summer when it was part of her Gabriel’s Aunt line of candles and natural perfumes. It is now part of Nikki’s new Rebel & Mercury line of parfums, launched this past Spring.

Bohem was tweaked a little for it’s relauch. I still smell the same fragrance I know and love, but there are subtle changes.

The parfum oil (40% concentration in organic jojoba and fractionated coconut oil) is smoother to start as compared to the Gabriel’s Aunt formula. There is also a touch of citrus in the opening I couldn’t smell in the original blend.

Bohem is a balance of sweet, dry and earthy. Tobacco and amber are blended almost seamlessly with fruity and tea-like notes and a dash of powder. Vetiver and oakmoss provide solid ground. Though it’s not a gourmand fragrance, smelling Bohem has got me craving apricots, fresh dates and hot cups of tea with honey.

The scent doesn’t change much after the opening yet it’s not totally linear – the drydown reveals a delicious soft sweetness before it fades. It’s a warm, inviting fragrance that would suit both men and women.

For the seasonal perfumista, Bohem might be a good choice for autumn and winter. Myself, I wear Bohem when the mood strikes me, no matter what the weather.

The parfum (20% concentration in grain alcohol) has got a little kick to it, so if you want longer lasting fragrance, layer the parfum and the oil – they work together beautifully! 

Fragrance notes as per Rebel & Mercury are Davana, Blood Orange, Tobacco, Cassie, Amber, Vetiver and Oakmoss.

Stayed tuned for my review of Rebel & Mercury’s new parfum Cerise en Cocoa!

Disclosure: Samples were provided by Rebel & Mercury for review purposes.
Image: Basket of Apricots by Louise Moillon, Wiki Commons