Powerfully cloying and nauseating.
Trails for miles. Frightens horses.
Gets worse.

-Tania Sanchez on Spellbound

It’s Christmas in July! Time to eat, drink, and make merry!

It’s also bathing suit season, so if you want to prevent holiday overindulgence, I suggest taking a spritz of Spellbound now. Because it smells like food, but not of food, you’ll feel stuffed before the goodies are laid out on the table.

Mince pie, fruitcake, mulled wine steeped with clove-studded oranges; traditional holiday foodstuffs soaked in brandy or rum and laced with cloves, cinnamon, vanilla…you won’t touch a crumb.

ONE spray of Spellbound eau de parfum is like a double shot of brandy chased with stale spices and dusty flowers.

It’s as if perfumer Sophia Grojsman channeled an improvising cook: A few good glugs of booze, a smidge of cardamom, a pinch of cassie, toss some rose petals in there….Voilà – Spellbound!

Since it’s Christmas, I’ve got a special treat for everyone; a Holiday Haiku:

Boozy slap in face
Monolith of potpourri
Will it ever end?

Note: This review has been edited for clarification. After reading Suzanne’s comment, I realized this review did not clearly state my feelings about Spellbound.  I added the words “one spray”, “stale” and the haiku.
Tip: Do not edit and post reviews when you haven’t slept all night.
Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez
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Image: AprilHiler Designs