So here it is a month later and….

I still haven’t completed my review of Aromatics Elixir. Looking at my stats this week, I discovered two people found my blog by searching “aromatics elixir stinks” and “aromatics elixir smells like old lady?” I better whip up that review and school those folks.

June has been a challenging month so far. In late May, my OCD was triggered and the severity of my symptoms rose dramatically. That is why I haven’t been around perfumeland much. Putting a review together, even commenting on a blog, felt beyond my capabilities most days.

I’m finally on the mend. I’m not feeling nearly as vulnerable since I had a very productive session with my therapist this week. She helped me understand my triggers and gain new perspective.

Canada Post has been on strike for what feels like months. At first the strike was rotating, meaning one city would stop services for 24 hours and the next day, another city would stop services. My mail arrived faster than ever during this period, so I wasn’t bothered by the strike.

Unfortunately, the strike went national and all Canada Post employees were locked out. No mail in, no mail out. They waited until after I spent hours making samples for swaps! I am now bothered. 

Not bovvered by the strike…

If I planned a swap with you, please know I am very sorry for the delay. Once the strike is over, I’ll be sending out your packages asap!
OK, back to perfume…

The Divine Ms. C at eyeliner on a cat sent me a generous decant of Esprit d’Oscar. I actually crave spritzes of it, especially when I am feeling stressed and want to hide away from the world.
More “powderish” than powdery, with a lovely puff of lemon at the top, Esprit d’Oscar is a dreamy blend of heliotrope and tuberose (it’s not as simple as that but I just don’t know what else in in it).

I bought mysef a little present this week (Youth Dew dusting powder) and the SA presented me with a sample of Sensuous Nude. I was excited to try it even though I haven’t had any luck with Estee Lauder’s current fragrances. They all smell good, but I’m not too fond of the lactonic quality found in Sensuous and Sensuous Noir or the milky coconut in Bronze Goddess and Bronze Goddess Soleil. 

Lucky for me, Sensuous Nude combines what I do like about the Sensuous and Bronze Goddess fragrances: it’s bold and smells good instantly. Highlights from my first impressions of Sensuous Nude on skin are the mouth-watering citrus top note and a fantastic saltiness – as if I’ve spent a day at the ocean. (Trust me, I know that smell. I live in Canada’s Ocean Playground, after all.)

Today’s sampling of Sensuous Nude has revealed what smells like coconut, but it doesn’t smell milky. Either my nose is playing tricks on me, or I’m experiencing some kind of olfactive/cognitive dissonance that is allowing me to overlook the coconut. In the end, it doesn’t matter because I like Sensuous Nude. I like it alot!

Stay tuned for reviews of Aromatics Elixir and Rebel & Mercury’s Bohem!