Last Easter weekend, my little corner of the world witnessed an amazing phenomenon called sunshine, which gave us all a nice break from the cold winds and constant rain.

On Good Friday I got together with a few girlfriends. It was a special day as my friend C was visiting from Texas. My friend T had planned to visit as well, but unfortunately had to cancel her plans. In T’s honor I wore her signature scent, Eau de Givenchy, a perky floral that packs a verdant punch.

I bet Batman and Robin wore Eau de Givenchy. 
On Saturday I wore vintage Diorissimo EdT. My husband was blown away when he got a whiff, exclaiming “That smells EXACTLY like Lily of the Valley!!” It certainly does – that’s why it’s perfect for Spring.

Y’all are probably thinking “Girl, tell me something I don’t know.” Well, here it is – that weekend, both fragrances irritated the heck out of me.

I’m just not “feeling” the fragrances I think suit the current season. Everything “Spring-y” feels too cold, too sharp, too crisp, just like the weather. That sounds like it make sense but there really is no rhyme or reason to my failure to embrace the scents of the season.

Allow me to demonstrate: In the heat of Summer I was craving amber and incense. In Autumn, I wanted jasmine, the more indolic the better. When Winter rolled in, I was obsessed with finding the perfect thirst-quenching citrus cologne. Now it’s Spring and I can’t stop dousing myself with vintage Youth Dew (courtesy of the fabulous Olenska).

Come October I’ll be wearing Eau de Givenchy and Diorissimo again. The sweet smell of Spring is the perfect spell against “the dying of the light”**.

Are you “out of season” too? Then put your hands up and represent!
*POW! graphic from “JimmyGlenn’s Awesome Blog
**From “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night” by Dylan Thomas