Last week stunk! If I had to choose a smell to represent last week, it would be an odor most foul.

Every day I felt anxious and that made me grumpy, which made me more anxious, which made me more…you get the picture.

Being at work filled with anxiety was no fun. We all know how challenging (and exhausting) it is putting on a “game face”. After work, I still felt terrible, but I found it easier to cope laying on the sofa wrapped in blankets, with only my arms and head exposed for the purpose of sampling and sniffing perfumes.

Thankfully, this is what my week really smelled like…

Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur EdT– Upon first spray, I thought “Shalimar for Men!” Wait a few minutes for the lavender to come on board and it’s a whole other fragrance. The decant I’m sampling I originally bought for my husband, but he’s pretty faithful to Givenchy Gentleman. I’m sure he won’t miss it. 😉

Lagerfeld KL EdT– I’ve heard KL described as “Opium Lite”. KL is much softer than Opium, but it still has a spicy warmth – a cashmere scarf as opposed to Opium’s unending bolts of silk. Thumbs up from yours truly, who doesn’t care much for the YSL icon.

Soivohle Green Oakmoss demi-absolute by Liz Zorn – The perfect scent for this rainy Sunday. Dry, mossy and spicy with a touch of tuberose. Simply gorgeous. I MUST have more.

Jean Louis Scherrer EdP – Wow! What a rich green scent. The thing I like best about Scherrer is it’s “musty” note…This mustiness doesn’t smell like a damp basement, it smells like sheets and pillow cases that haven’t been changed because you and your new lover have lingered in bed for two days.
I find Bal a Versailles has this same musty note. Mmmm mmm good.

Olympic Orchids Carolina EdP – A blend of white flowers and tobacco as dreamy as a hot n’ hazy summer day. I’ll be asking Carolina to move in soon ‘cuz it’s love.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Tiare Mimosa EdT– A fruity floral with a thirst-quenching citrus top. I sniffed it last summer and have had a crush on it since. I think it would be difficult to stay in a bad mood wearing this perfume. Looks like yours truly, a champion grump, better invest in a lifetime supply.


What did your week smell like?