**EDIT** See the comments for the scoop behind “Super Secret”

I just did a keyword search on The Perfumed Court website using the term “Ormonde”. Scrolling through the results, I came across this offering:

Super Secret

“Notes on this angelic perfume include bergamot, rosewood, ylang ylang, rose, violets, iris, musk, amber, vanilla and coumarin.

No other information can be offered here, but contact us if you need more details on this perfume. It is a very limited edition and very expensive perfume.”

Has anyone tried mysterious fragrance? I wonder, does it has anything to do with the Ormonde Jayne line? 
If “Super Secret” is old news, I’ll turn in my perfumista card to the authorities tomorrow.

*Shhhh! found at Wanting the Moon on a Stick