In her latest post “My Favorite Things – Spring Edition“, Olfactoria asks “Don’t you love lists?” My answer is YES! Who doesn’t love a good list?

I resent your play on my name

After reading about her favorite things, I was inspired to make my own list. Perhaps you will be inspired to share your favorites too!

With thanks to Ms. Eyeliner on a Cat, I have fallen in love with Anné Pliska Eau de Parfum. The inital blast of juicy orange fades fast but the vanilla amber turns almost animalic on me. Simply gorgeous.

I ordered a sample set from Olympic Orchids and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I used up my sample bar of Red Cattleya soap (Thanks, kjanicki!) in a blink and I’m really craving the scent.

The rose is one of my most favorite flowers and perfume notes. This week I’ve been testing Neil Morris’ new rose fragrance named “A Rose is a Rose” and his “Rose of Kali”. “A Rose…” is soft and dewy, with a note eerily similar to blown-out candles! “Rose of Kali” is a contrast of dark and bright with notes of pear, rose, incense and chocolate. If Mr. Morris had not recommend it himself, I never would have tried it. I’m glad he did.

Rose of Kali

In February, I began reading Rex Libris: I, Librarian by James Turner.
As “The World’s Favorite Ass-Kicking, Sesquipedalian Librarian”, Rex Libris “strikes fear into recalcitrant borrowers, and can take on virtually any foe, from loitering zombies to fleeing alien warlords who refuse to pay their late fees.”

If you work in the library system, or just enjoy library and book culture you will love Rex Libris. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened at the end of I, Librarian because it was due back before I could finish it (interlibrary loan that could not be renewed…)

I was also enjoying Elisa Gabbert’s book of poetry The French Exit, another interlibrary loan I couldn’t renew. If only I wasn’t such a slow reader and didn’t read five books at once…

Not really my area, but one product I cannot live without is Mario Badescu’s Drying Cream. I’m almost 40 and still dealing with acne. The Drying Cream really helps!

I want to try Paula Begoun’s skin care products, but I’m finding it difficult to determine which products are best for me. What in heck is the difference between AHAs and BHA’s (besides the name of course)?

My top tracks these days (put your dancing shoes on!)

What are your favorite things?
Portrait of Franz Liszt by by Henri Lehmann. Source: Great Scores
Neil Morris Rose of Kali. Image property of Neil Morris Fragrances.
Rex Libris quotes authored by and property of James Turner. Source: JT Illustration
Rex Libris artwork created by and property of James Turner. Source: Beyond the Loop
Chanson, Inner Life and FUR/Leatherette videos: Youtube