Yours truly has tennis elbow and an RSI! I’ve been tyring to write this post for a week now. Using a computer puts so much strain on my arm that I really shouldn’t do any more then I have to (job), but there are just too many great blog posts to comment on! I am really behind on the posts, so please forgive me if I haven’t stopped by.

Odd things happening here in the retail perfume world. One local drugstore discounted their stock and will not be restocking. The SA could not tell me why. Another store has discounted their fragrances and I suspect they will no longer be carrying fragrances after that stock is gone. I have emailed the headquarters of both stores and here it is a week later with no response. I am jumping to conclusions, but I think customer complaints are the reason. I do live in the anti-perfume province after all….

For those of you who were aware of “mission perfume lockdown”, I should let you know I have failed. The combination of discounted fragrances and the (exaggerated) fear of perfume being banned everywhere was too much for me to overcome. So I adopted a couple of *bottles. My husband, in an sweet gesture to rid me of guilt and defeat, said “Happy Valentine’s Day” (which wasn’t for 10 days) after I made my purchase. I had be given a free pass!


A week later, I spotted a cheap Nicole Miller set at the drugstore. There wasn’t another holiday to celebrate, so I accepted my fate. Who knew failure smelled so good? 

*I gave Givenchy Gentleman and Estee Lauder Beautiful a forever home.