Oud seems to be the word on every perfumer’s lips these days. If you haven’t experienced oud fatigue yet, please indulge me as I share the details of my new love affair.

L’Artisan Al Oudh: Honeyed wood with a medicinal edge. MEOW. I feel like I’m cheating on my husband wearing this! Al Oudh is a warm body in a bottle. If the Yves Saint Laurent M7 guy is looking for a new modeling gig, his agent should give L’Artisan a ring.

For more (NSFW) of Mr. M7, cliquez ici

Montale Black Aoud: Gorgeous moon-sized roses mingling with dry aoud, at times reminiscient of Ivory soap and whatever created the mysterious smells that wafted from my parent’s medicine cabinet. Slightly disturbing as one minute it’s sexy, the next minute my childhood flashes before me. 

Dior Leather Oud: This is the fragrance that dried down to the scent of straight-up piss. I’ve tested it again, only to discover more of my childhood lurking in a sample vial. This fragrance smells of campfires, dark summer nights, canvas tents, and urine. It’s not bad!

Czech & Speake Dark Rose: Not an oud fragrance, but a fragrance with oud. I am in love with Dark Rose. It reminds me of a Chanel fragrance, Coco perhaps. The roses are rich and velvety and the saffron is tuned to the perfect level. (I swear to -insert deity of choice here- Coco has saffron in it, but I have not seen it listed as a note anywhere!) The oud is at low volume but still has a little bite. Unfortunately, Dark Rose is a cologne and fades fast. Heartbreaking.  

Do you do oud? Dish!

*Samuel de Cubber forYSL M7. Photo by Solve Sundsbo.
 Source: elisa-rolle.dreamwidth.org
*Ivory Soap. Photographer unknown. Source: couponcravings.com
*Campfire photo by Emildil. Source: Wikipedia
*Czech & Speake Dark Rose. Photographer unknown. Source: Luckyscent