Last week, I spotted Laura Mercier Neroli Eau de Parfum discounted at Winner’s (like TK Maxx, I’ve been told). Going by the name “Neroli”, I assumed it was a single note aromatherapy fragrance (there were no tester bottles) so I didn’t considering purchasing it. However, curiosity got the best of me  and I searched for more information about Neroli that evening.

I was pleased to learn the fragrance is a blend of neroli, bitter orange and floral notes on a base of vanilla, musk and amber. Since I have been craving an orange fragrance, I returned to the store two days later and bought a bottle.

The neroli has that inky quality that I love, and the orange not so juicy and tart you get thirsty after spritzing the perfume. The floral notes keep the composition smooth. Despite the fact that I get the odd whiff of “creamsicle”, the vanilla is subtle enough to keep me happy (not a big fan of smelling like a cookie). I find the base of musk and amber is well blended and I don’t get a big punch of one note or another.

Laura Mercier Neroli is not a very unique fragrance, nor is it a literal interpretation of it’s name but the fragrance is undemanding, soothing and undeniably pretty.

Notes as provided by the Laura Mercier web site:

Top: orange bigarade, lemon peel, freesia
Middle: neroli, jasmine, peony
Base: musk, amber, sandalwood and vanilla

*Bottle photograph property of Laura Mercier Inc.
*Neroli picture, artist unknown, Source: BellaSugar