We Three Kings, a joint blogging event exploring the beauty and significance of gold, frankincense, and myrrh began Sunday, December 19th. 
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To represent the gift of frankincense, I chose CB I Hate Perfume Fire From Heaven water perfume. Besides frankincense,  the fragrance contains myrrh, oppopanox, cedar, sandalwood, styrax and labdanum.

With such a *striking name and packed with more incense than the supply closets of St. Paul’s Cathedral, I was expecting Fire From Heaven to blast me back to the only time I attended Good Friday mass. That day, so much frankincense was burned (and wafted in my face via swinging censer) I couldn’t see, let alone breathe. To my relief, Good Friday mass is not what’s in the bottle.

What is in the bottle is a fragrance more earthbound than divine. Fire From Heaven smells of damp forest floor blanketed with oak leaves and pine needles. It is the fragrance of the woods surrounding my house, one I always wished was available in a bottle. Fire From Heaven is the closest I have come to having my wish granted. 

The fragrance is a little slow to settle on the skin, but as the water evaporates, it releases a soapy dampness, smelling like wet laundry right before you put it out on the line. A lightly sweetened and warm woody base is revealed as the fragrance dries down, reminding me of wet wool mittens drying on a woodstove. Nothing says earthbound more than domestic tasks and the smells of home.

If you are looking for an incense fragrance that will thrill you with tickly holy smoke, look elsewhere. You will only want Fire from Heaven to put out any little blazes caused by unattended incense.

If you are seeking more solace than smoke, spray on Fire From Heaven. Then breathe in and feel the sensation of both your feet planted firmly on the ground.

*Three Kings Icon ©2010 Megan Ruisch
*Perfumer Christopher Brosius named this fragrance after a Mary Renault book about Alexander the Great.
*Bottle photograph copyright of CB I Hate Perfume
*Censer photograph – photographer unknown. Source: Irish Apologist
*Tree photo – yours truly