We Three Kings, a joint blogging event exploring the beauty and significance of gold, frankincense, and myrrh began Sunday, December 19th.
Bonkers About Perfume and Scent of the Day kicked off the event with their choices for gold. Please join them, EauMG, Parfumieren, All I Am – A Redhead, Chicken Freak’s Obsession, Notes from Josephine, The Perfume Chronicles, My Perfume Life and I for a week of fragrant reflection and reviews.

 I have chosen Ormonde Jayne Ta’if to represent gold as it contains saffron, a spice once priced on par with gold. Even today a few strands of saffron cost more than a ticket to the movies!

Ormonde Jayne Ta’if Parfum

I wanted my “gold fragrance” to be a little decadent so I chose the parfum concentration of Ta’if. Two dabs are all one needs for an evening and all it takes to conclude that Ta’if is beautiful.

Ta’if starts out warm and a little spicy with saffron, pink pepper and dates. This combination of top notes sounds good enough to eat, but it smells like food reserved for the Gods. Roses, orange blossoms and jasmine shimmer and dazzle, their indolic properties stripped away, as if to avoid any reminder of the unpleasantness of mortal life. A rich base of amber gives a opaque quality to this voluptuous composition.

When you wear Ta’if, it’s practically guaranteed someone will say “you smell beautiful”. As mush as I love hearing that phrase, and as much as I admire the beauty and quality of the fragrance, Ta’if is not for me.
Ta’if  feels as if someone has placed the Ghost of Christmas Present’s robe over my 5’2 frame, and I can’t get myself up from under the heavy layers of soft velvet, plush fur and pockets loaded with gold coins.

All this beauty and the glare of gleaming gold has this mortal longing for a little tarnish. And some full-on indolic flowers.

Does this robe make my butt look big?

Three Kings Icon ©2010 Megan Ruisch
Ta’if bottle image property of Ormonde Jayne London Perfumery. Source: Harrods
Ghost of Christmas image from A Christmas Carol, George Minter Productions.
Source: www.choosy-beggars.com