Recently on Scent of the Day, kjanicki wrote about how the smell of Annick Goutal Musc Nomade reminds her of a car accident she was in. Because of this scent association, she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing the fragrance. I have a similar story to tell myself. 

I have always loved the smell of leather, but I associate it with an old boyfriend who always wore a black leather rocker jacket. When he put his arms around me, I would nestle my head into the leather and breathe in its smell. 

The Stray Cats love rockers

After a few weeks of dating, we were in a car accident. He got whiplash and I smashed the windshield with my head. We broke up shortly after. That was in 1987. Since then, anytime I got a whiff of leather I thought of him. 

This summer I tried my first leather fragrance. It was Liz Zorn’s I-C-U perfume oil from her Acousticjus line. Upon application, I was struck by its smoky bite. After a few minutes, the smoke took a back seat, letting the leather note dominate. The fragrance triggered memories of my old boyfriend and the car accident. I let the fragrance fade from my skin.

This past weekend, I was chatting on Twitter with a fellow blogger about the films/physical beauty of James Spader, and I mentioned I quite liked his film *Crash. That night I watched a clip from the film, a very passionate scene between leather jacket-sporting Elias Koteas and James Spader.  As they embrace, their leather jackets squeak and creak. When the scene was over, I wanted nothing more than to bury my face in a leather jacket! I grabbed my sample of I-C-U and slathered some on my wrist. I breathed in the smell of smoky leather and fell in love.

Thanks guys!

*Not to be confused with Paul Haggis’ Crash (2004), David Cronenberg’s Crash (1996) is based on the book by JG Ballard. It’s a rather lurid film about the sexual fetishization of automobile crashes.
*Stray Cats. Photographer unknown. Source:
Citypages *Screen cap from Cronenberg’s Crash. Source: James Spader Screencap Archive