Violette in Love is a limited edition eau de toilette composed by perfumer Patricia de Nicolai and was released in Spring 2009.
The *notes of Violette in Love are Italian lemon, blackcurrant bud absolute, raspberry, essence of Turkish rose, a violet-iris accord, coriander essence, pink pepper, black pepper and musk.

Spring was the perfect season to release Violette in Love, its name evoking what the season sometimes brings: fragrant flowers, lifted spirits, and brides-to-be.

Wearing this fragrance brings to mind a symmetrical unblemished face of a pretty young woman, her hair smooth and not a strand out of place. She’s a natural beauty…..chewing raspberry bubble gum.

Violette in Love plays its tune for about four hours. Gratefully, the synthetic-smelling berry stops blowing its horn, and the floral chords take the lead. A musky bass line throbs quietly in the background.
Those familiar with Penhaligon’s Amaranthine may experience déjà-vu, but only momentarily. It’s like hearing a song that samples a snippet of another, leaving you to think “Have I heard this before?”

There is nothing wrong with Mariah Carey or Violette in Love. Both are pretty and loved by many, but neither have a place in my heart.

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*Notes and bottle photo provided by LuckyScent.
*Bubble gum photo – Fox News/Getty Images
*Fantasy – Mariah Carey (sample: Genius of Love-Tom Tom Club). Youtube user sergeigomezz.