It’s Violet Week, a joint blog project hosted by Muse in Wooden Shoes, Scent of the Day, and yours truly. All week, we will be reviewing violet fragrances, new and classic. Join in the conversation and tell us what violets perfumes are near and dear, or can’t be kept far enough away!

Violets & Rainwater is an eau de parfum created by Liz Zorn for her Soivohle line. Contrary to what many people expect from violet perfumes, this fragrance is not all modesty, powder and posies. Violets & Rainwater is unbuttoned, *unfettered and alive!

I’ll be honest…I don’t really know what notes make up Violets & Rainwater. I was not able to find a list of notes, so my amateur nose has been working overtime trying to unlock this fragrant wonder. I have placed my attempts at note identification in brackets.

The eau de parfum opens like a brisk morning and the violets are beaming. The surrounding greenery is splashed with cold rain, smelling like peels from a fresh cool cucumber (violet leaf absolute?). An earthy accord of dirt and roots joins in, adding a peppery herbal quality that tickles the nose at first sniff (coriander and vetiver?).

A couple of hours pass and the scent doesn’t stray far from the brightness of morning, but in the afternoon, after the rain has drained into the drying soil, the violets lean into a soft dry down, vanillic (benzoin?) with a light touch of musk.

The dry down plays tricks with me, it’s game reminiscent of the moment you suddenly catch a whiff of night blooming flowers. Struck down with pleasure, you inhale greedily, wanting more of that ambrosial aroma….but it’s gone! Then when you least expect it, the aroma makes itself known and strikes again! This is a game I am more than happy to play.

Violets & Rainwater, I’m a fool for you!

*”unfettered and alive” – Lyric from “Free Man in Paris” by Joni Mitchell
*Image from Flickr, property of Abby Lanes. CC Atribution License.