When a beloved perfume has been reformulated, I understand the reactions; the sadness, the anger, the outrage. I read about these long-lost fragrances on perfume blogs on a daily basis.

Even though no fragrance I have ever loved dearly has been reformulated (or changed enough for me to notice), I sympathize with the Jolie Madame, Diorissimo, Mitsouko etc. lovers that mourn once beautiful fragrances. If they no longer have any vintage juice, they cannot access those olfactory memories so clearly. It’s a shame.

I have never smelled any of the great classics that are now shadows of themselves so I have no reason to mourn. But here’s where I start digging in my heels…reading about what is lost forever is really starting to get on my nerves.

It seems every time I become interested in trying a scent from the past, the word “reformulation” pops up in reviews and everyone weighs in on how awful it is! There seems to be only a handful of folks happy with the new version, but generally, they had never tried the former formulas in all their glowing glittering glory.

I can’t direct my frustrations towards bloggers who are mourning the lost classics. I really do sympathize with them. I could direct my frustration towards the IRFA, but we know what a waste of energy that is. Mostly, I am frustrated with myself.

You see, I have become obsessed with green chypres. From my research, it seems all the excellent examples of green chypres have been reformulated. This fact drove me to Google in a panic to find decants and old bottles of Ma Griffe, Alliage etc. Then hopelessness set in. If I get a small bit of the vintage juice, and I love it, then I’ll want more! What if there is no more? What if I order it from another country and Canadian Customs smashes it (as they are known to do)? What if it’s fake? What if what if what if ????!!!!

My solution might be to purchase the reformulations and try them first. Then, and only then, will I try to get decants of the original juice. If it’s love…well, it’s not like I haven’t had a little good love that disappeared in the wink of an eye. But life goes on and you find someone new. They might not have the wonderful attributes of your previous love, but they have beautiful, unique features for you to get to know, explore, and love.