I recently returned from a road trip to see some friends in Quebec and Ontario. It was quite a whirlwind adventure with friends, food, a visit to the very overrated Ikea, some shopping and a bit of perfume sniffing. Unfortunately, I had a cold and this affected my sense of smell, but I refused to let it stop me from enjoying visits to Sephora and The Bay perfume counter.

Among the fragrances I smelled, I was most intrigued by Piguet’s Fracas (enigmatic), the Dior Escales (tea and sunshine), and Fresh Cannabis Santal (made my friend and I both think “Christmas”, not cannabis).
The fragrances I didn’t care for, perhaps judged unfairly because of my cold, were Fresh Cannabis Rose (Acetone! My friend, who had full smell power agreed with me that it smelled of nail polish remover), Moschino Happy (UFO: unidentified fruity odors) and Mugler Womanity (banished from my scent memory).
Unfortunately, in the locations I visited there were no Serge Lutens fragrances to be found! I was really hoping to sniff Feminite du Bois or Muscs Koublai Khan without having to wait for samples.

I purchased Cannabis Santal  after judging it with “half a nose”. I have just sprayed it on now, and while I still get the “Christmas” effect, I smell something like children’s aspirin. I am still recovering from my cold, so I really can’t judge it fully until I am totally healthy again.

I’m a little concerned I may have purchased unwisely, after reading some reviews of Cannabis Santal on Basenotes. One reviewer stated (sarcastically) they thought someone had replaced their CS juice with Mugler’s Angel. This disappoints me as Angel and I do not get along. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…

One of the highlights of arriving home was opening the mailbox. My sample orders from DSH Perfumes, Liz Zorn AcousticJus and The Perfumed Court had arrived! I feel a little overwhelmed by all these samples, but I am happy to have them because my perfume “budget” is gone. These little beauties will keep me going for awhile.

What fragrances have you smelled lately?