To me, roses are the most divine of flowers. They are dear to me not just for their scent and colours, but for sentimental reasons.

The smell of roses summons memories of humid summers, young love, and my dear grandmother, who seemed as big as a grizzly bear but was sweet as a lamb. Those who know me well know I am not a sentimental person, but one whiff of roses, particularly wild ones, and I’m as tender as veal.

Naturally, I love rose in a perfume. Roses can be sweet, powdery, dusty, dark, fruity…the list goes on. Here are three very different rose perfumes I adore.

Soivohle Sinti by Liz Zorn
After an intensely green, mouth-watering galbanum and clary sage opening, Sinti blooms with gorgeous roses, the closest to REAL wild roses I have experienced in a perfume. If you find the top notes of Sinti overwhelming, which I did the first time I wore it, you will come to appreciate them just to get to those roses, and you’ll find, in time, you love that intensity. This is not your typical delicate or girly rose perfume, it’s rousing and bright.

Parfum des Beaux Arts Poivre by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
Poivre is a beautifully blended floral with a dash of spice. Roses have the starring role, and they rest on a plush cushion of carnations, frankincense and myrrh. Put away your jewelry and spray on Poivre. It’s a stunning adornment.

CB I Hate Perfume Tea/Rose by Christopher Brosious

Two scents I adore blended together: tea and roses. Tea/Rose is exactly what it says it is. I find this fragrance sweet and dry, and incredibly comforting. Some might find Tea/Rose old-fashioned because of its simplicity but that’s what makes the fragrance so lovely.

Unfortunately, my husband does not like the smell of roses. He thinks it belongs in the garden and nowhere else. So while he is out or asleep, I indulge in these perfumes, my own secret luxuries.