When I was a child, my father’s work required him to travel. I would miss him terribly and would lay on my parent’s bed smelling his pillow, breathing in the scent of his sweat, skin oils and the residues of his hair cream. The first time I applied Elixir, the scent brought me back to those times, to the coolness of the pillow and the warmth of my father’s scent.

Within minutes, I smell cedar and rose mingling with spice. There is also eucalyptus “steam”, more of an effect than a note, highlighting this ingredient’s best quality: it’s coolness, but without the medicinal harshness. The scent rests on these notes until Elixir turns the blankets back and dries down to a base of incense smelling a little like pine needles.

I can’t decide if I love Elixir’s opening or it’s drydown more. As a compromise, I’ll just love the whole fragrance head to base.

Elixir is a unisex scent created by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti.

**Sample of Elixir was purchased by me. I am not affiliated with Penhaligon’s.**