Until a few short weeks ago, the concept of layering fragrances was unthinkable to me.

My initial thought on layering fragrances was “if a fragrance isn’t good enough on it’s own, why buy it”? I also thought of the perfumer, wondering if they would be insulted by the idea of someone spraying another scent on top of theirs. Layering just didn’t seem right. (I do take things too seriously at times)

Then I tried it myself. I have a solid perfume sample from Roxana Illuminated Perfume called Page 47, a blend of jasmine, blood orange and amber. It is heady, indolic and hypnotizing.

I had already applied Gabriel’s Aunt Summer Love, a sweet and airy perfume of citrus notes and Magnolia. I thought if I layered Page 47 on top of it, it would “calm” the headiness and give me time to get used to it. They blended beautifully together! So, needless to say I am now okay with layering…

Do you layer? Tell me about your experiences!

**Samples purchased by me. I am not affiliated with Roxana Illuminated Perfume or Gabriel’s Aunt.**