My favorite seasons to wear fragrance are Autumn and Winter. When the air grows cooler and the sky darkens early, I turn to fragrance for a little extra warmth.

Because I am still in the beginning stages of perfume madness, I have samples in every nook and cranny of my house and among them are fragrances I will be wearing in Autumn and Winter.

Two of the fragrances are from the Gabriel’s Aunt line of natural perfumes created by Nikki Sherritt in Seattle, WA. I discovered her store while browsing Etsy. The perfumes are Encens Blanc and Venasque.

Encens Blanc is a smoky floral with a citrus and galbanum top. When I smell Encens Blanc, I think of crisp early October mornings when gardens are starting to die back, leaves are dropping and the air is cold enough to have the woodstove burning.

Ms. Sherritt calls Encens Blanc a “sultry summertime perfume” on her Etsy site and the citrus and white flowers do give the scent a summertime vibe, but the woodsmoke plants it firmly in Autumn for me. Not only can personal preferences and skin chemistry make a difference in how one perceives a scent, but now I see how where one lives can effect that perception.

The notes for Encens Blanc provided by the Gabriel’s Aunt Etsy site are:
Top: Galbanum, Yellow Mandarin
Heart: Jasmine Sambac, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Tuberose, Rhododendron, Honey/Beeswax Absolute
Base: Labdanum, Musk, Woodsmoke, Vanilla

When I received my first order from Gabriel’s Aunt, Ms. Sherritt tucked in a sample of her fragrance Venasque. Because the notes for Venasque just screamed GOURMANDE, a word that makes me run like my hair is on fire, I was sure I wouldn’t like it. How wrong I was!

On my skin, this scent is a little spicy (I have always percieved lime as spicy)and the heady Jasmine is tempered by palmarosa and lavender. The cocoa and patchouli are thankfully a little dry, meaning I won’t ever smell like a melted candy bar washed down with cola.

Venasque is the full package for me. It provides both sexiness and comfort at the same time, like a well-fitted dress that shows all your curves but doesn’t pinch and bulge or reveal every inch of flesh, leaving something to the imagination of those gazing in your direction.

The notes for Venasque as provded by the Gabriel’s Aunt Etsy site are
Top: Lime, Pink Grapefruit
Heart: Palmarosa, Jasmine, Lavender Absolute
Base: Cocoa, Patchouli

With all naturals,the scents only stick around for a few hours and sillage is low but that is to my benefit…my husband sneaks in close to get a sniff!

What scents will you be wearing when Autumn and Winter come?

**Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Gabriel’s Aunt. Samples have been purchased or provided with purchase.**