Confessions, Apologies, and Other Business

A Confession:
I’m forcing myself to write this post.

Another Confession:
I’m terrified of writing. I have been since the end of 2011.

I need to get this post written before I lose my nerve, so here goes…


Apologies are due to Amanda Feeley of Esscentual Alchemy and Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids.
Both perfumers sent me samples for consideration ages ago. I have written, revised, and deleted my reviews of their perfumes countless times. On two occasions, my computer died, taking with it the remaining shreds of my reviews.  I hope to have these reviews posted before Summer’s end.


It was a sad day when I discovered the blog Parfumieren had shuttered its virtual windows. I still remember the first post I read on Parfumieren. It was about Samsara – the Guerlain fragrance and the religious concept. I was in awe of this woman who bridged the material and spiritual through scent and words.  Olenska, I miss you dearly.


A lawyer representing Strange Invisible Perfumes sent a letter to Josh Lobb of Slumberhouse requesting he cease using the phrase “Strange & Unique Perfumes”. I won’t link directly to the letter here, but if you’re interested, you can find it on Slumberhouse’s Twitter account.


My go-to scent this Spring is L’Artisan Coeur de Vetiver Sacre. I bought it blind. It was heavily discounted so I couldn’t resist. No buyer’s remorse here!

The only new release I have sampled is Yves Rocher Neroli. It has a peppery top note I quite enjoy.

At night, I reach for my holy grail/comfort scent – Youth Dew. I layer the vintage eau de parfum (one spritz), vintage bath oil (two drops) and the dusting powder (applied in the style of Miss Piggy).